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MakeFan.comBy definition, a fan is someone who feels an incredible urge to share the object of his passion and affection with others. A fan will always try and fanaticise others along the way, and that is something that is done unconsciously most of the time.


They have a self-belief that borders on irrationality, and they will use any mean they can lay a hand on to win new adepts. And this new site falls squarely into the category of “any mean that they can lay a hand on to win new adepts”. Its name gives that away, after all – you can’t have trouble figuring out what a site titled Make Fan is all about, can you?

You can use it to come up with a fan page for just anything you want, and then proceed to invite people to join it. The more people that joins your fan page, then the more visible it will become and the more people that will chance upon it coincidentally.

I frankly can’t think of a reason why anybody would go for something like this when it is perfectly possible to create a fan page for anything you want on Facebook. I guess that there are people who like to keep things separate, but the fact remains that having a page on Facebook gives it an outreach and an immediacy that this doesn’t have. In Their Own Words

“Share your fanatism.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fans like to brag about these things they are devoted to at every turn. This will give them yet another platform for doing that.

Some Questions About

How popular can this service really become?

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