Make your workouts more unique and more social with Steppen: the brand-new social fitness app.

A personalized workout is a great way to get in shape while meeting your unique fitness goals, but it can be hard to build a regime from scratch and expensive to hire someone to do it for you. And while putting together a workout is great, that’s only half the battle. Many people still struggle getting to the gym after they’ve planned their workout. Luckily, the brand-new social fitness app Steppen makes it easy to meet your fitness goals and stay accountable by giving you the tools you need to build a custom workout plan and by making exercising more social. With Steppen you can now create, complete and share your own customized workouts with friends, all on one platform.

Steppen is a free fitness and social media platform designed to help you discover, create, complete, track and share your workouts to achieve your fitness goals. Think of Steppen as TikTok meets Spotify, but for fitness. On Spotify, you combine songs to create a playlist, while on Steppen, you combine exercises to create a workout. Like TikTok, you can then upload these exercises to share them with friends or discover workouts from friends, celebrities and athletes.

Discover: Follow friends, influencers and athletes to stay updated on their fitness journey and incorporate their exercises into your own workout routine.

Create: String together any group of exercises to complete your own unique, personalized workout. 

Complete: Learn about each individual exercise to get the best results.

Track: Keep track of your fitness goals and your progress toward meeting them.

Share: Upload your own workouts to share with friends.

How Steppen Started
Going to the gym can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming for tons of people. In fact, it’s extremely common to feel lost and anxious at the gym. That’s exactly how founder Cara Davies felt whenever she walked up to her local gym. She was used to doing the same workout every time and lacked the resources to build a new routine. Knowing that there must be a better, more social way to go about fitness, Cara created Steppen.

After posting about Steppen on her personal Instagram, Cara’s school friend, Jake Carp, contacted her to find out more. After a few walking meetings, Steppen discovered its co-founder in Jake. All of this happened just days before Jake’s 21st birthday party.

Interested? Steppen is elevating fitness by making workouts more social, allowing people to create personalized regimes and connect with each other online. Learn more about them and see for yourself at