Make every decision your best decision with Immersion.

Connecting with your audience is key to growing your brand, communicating big ideas and solving tough problems. Whether as an advertiser, educator, team leader or brand, you likely spend tons of time and energy figuring out how to tap into your target audience’s thoughts and feelings to understand what matters to them and keep them engaged. You’ve probably run the gamut of ways to do that, too. From surveys to focus groups to tracking likes, follows and shares, there’s plenty of ways to get a glimpse into what people are thinking, but is there a better, more meaningful way?

That’s exactly the question that Immersion has the answer to (and it’s a yes!). With over twenty years of research and development, they now have a way to measure and reveal what grabs an audience’s attention, resonates emotionally and evokes psychological safety that is ten times more effective than surveys and focus groups. The best part? All it takes is a smartwatch.

When the brain is captivated by whatever it’s doing, watching or participating in, distinct neurochemicals are released in reaction to the experience, tagging it as meaningful or important. Immersion uses proprietary algorithm technology to anonymously capture this emotional response and then send this information to a web or mobile platform where users can watch their audiences’ state of Immersion evolve in real-time. Immersion can even predict future views, purchases and online shares with over 80% accuracy.

Immersion broke neuroscience out of the lab, making it easy to use and even easier to schedule so you can learn in real time what has the most impact in your audience’s day-to-day lives. Connect more meaningfully with your audience, tag participants for custom demographic breakdowns, identify new target markets and opportunities, and optimize your channels for content distribution, all with the power of Immersion.

Key features:

Real-time data | Immersion gives you insights as the experience unfolds. No waiting for results. Understand the impact of every second, so you don’t have to guess about the best parts.

Easier Collaboration | Connect to your team and learn together with features that make it easy to collaborate. Create a hub of information so everyone can share, learn and measure, no matter what time zone they’re in.

Fits your timing | Launch immediately or schedule it. When using Immersion for pre-recorded experiences, you can offer your participants a flexible time window to ensure they can watch whenever it works for them.

Put it on the calendar | If you are measuring a live event like a meeting, presentation or concert, Immersion’s calendar-based scheduling helps with set up and seamless data collection.

Tap into tech already in place | Immersion supports multiple smartwatch options so you can measure your audience with the gear they already own, wherever they are.

No PhD needed | The platform makes it simple to start measurements and get measured. It’s so easy to participate that people focus on the experience, not the measurement.

Interested? Immersion is the first tool that uses neuroscience to help us connect on a deeper level. Find out more about them at