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Ditch Commercial Flights And Fly Private With Majestic Air

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own private plane? God knows every time I step into a commercial airliner I dream of privacy and luxury. No rubbing elbows with strangers, knees hitting the seat in front of you. No terrible airline food or overpriced drinks. No lines for the bathroom…


Sorry, I got lost in reverie for a minute there. My point is, the luxury of a private plane is one that I think probably everyone aspires to but few actually ever get to experience. For folks in South Africa and the surrounding countries, however, private air travel may be more reachable than they previously thought.


That’s because Majestic Air, owned by David Maree, is located in South Africa. Majestic Air is a chartered flight service that offers planes which can land in smaller or rural airports where regular service is often not available.


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Here’s what they offer:

  • available to fly almost anywhere, day or night
  • flexibility to arrange flights for any event or any number of people
  • help choosing the appropriate plane for your needs and budget
  • 24 hour ground transportation
  • catering and refreshments on planes, when applicable
  • comfortable departure lounges for guests to wait in while waiting for their flights


If the idea of flying in a small plane makes you nervous, Majestic Air reassures clients that they’ve never had an accident. And because they know that everyone’s needs are different, they also offer a large fleet of different planes, ranging from little puddle jumpers to luxury planes.


They also offer their services as a convenient alternative to the apparently very congested roadways and railways of South Africa. While choosing air travel as a way to avoid traffic may seem extreme to those of us in the US or Europe, Majestic Air presents it as a totally viable option.


So next time you’re in South Africa, ditch the commercial flights and beat the traffic with Majestic Air.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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