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MailQuatro.comMailQuatro can be defined as a provider of email services for businesses. Through the site, business owners can easily sign up and have as many email accounts at their business domains as they want.


That is, this solution provides them with web based email that dispenses with traditional mail servers, and that lets each and every employee have access to his emails from any computer, both at work and at home.

As a webmail client, MailQuatro gives office workers a true possibility to have a more relaxed experience since they don’t have to deal with the overload that is commonplace otherwise.

In the end, many companies just do not have time and resources to host and manage their own mail servers. This is specially true of these companies that are just getting started, and that are operating within budgets that are extremely limited. A service like MailQuatro will let them take care of something as pivotal as ensuring their teams are always connected in a cost-effective (and entirely professional) fashion. In Their Own Words

“The easiest way to set up your business email in minutes with no hardware or software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an effective way to provide your employers with a tidier inbox, and maximize their efficiency.

Some Questions About

In which ways does MailQuatro let a user filter his incoming messages?

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