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Email is essential to online business. Never mind those who want to revolutionize its use or get rid of it. Email is here to stay, and will hang around unchanged for the foreseeable future. It’s convenient, it’s familiar and easy to use. It’s the lifeblood of online communication.


Which is why struggling to find an email addresses causes us such grief. It slows us down and makes it harder to run our businesses.


MailDB looks to help us avoid such frustrations by making it easy to find the email address of any professional on the web.


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Say you met a potential partner – or 30 – at a startup gathering. You have company names on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember the names of the people you talked to. If only you could see the names, you’d probably recognize them and have no problem making contact…


MailDB has your back. Type in a domain name, and MailDB searches the web for emails on the website as well as blogs, articles, comments, and wherever else there is content. Need to reach out to the journalists of an online publication? Type in the domain, and boom, you’re in business. Gone are the days of hunting for an address or paying for a directory.


A quick search an MailDb is far more efficient than rummaging around pages on your own. Not to mention, searching a website often yields no more than a support email address. You may or may not reach the person you wish to contact by using this email. What’s more, writing to support involves an extra step and certainly isn’t as personal as contacting someone directly.


With MailDB, you can find emails via domain search, or find the email of a specific person by using the platform’s person search tool. MailDB also verifies emails. In bulk! This means it takes only a second to verify a bunch of emails and eliminate the hassles of pesky bounces.




Finding emails doesn’t get any easier than using the MailDB Chrome extension. Just click the icon alongside your search bar, and MailDB will pull up a list of emails for any domain.


Once you’ve found useful emails through MailDB, you can simply export them to your preferred CRM tools, including the likes of Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly and other popular platforms.


Who can afford to let searching for email addresses slow down business growth? No one. Let MailDB find emails for you in a flash. Request access to the beta platform today at


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