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No More Fishing In Email – MailCloud Keeps Everything On The Surface

My dad can vouch for me here. Just last week, near the end of a visit, I was complaining to him about how hard it is to find anything on my phone. As a family, we’d exchanged an insane amount of messages and photos during our time together. These had ended up all over the place, scattered across applications and email attachments, buried like a squirrel’s winter food stashes – a good number of them forgotten or lost.


Like most people, I could care less if a photo finds its way to my phone via Dropbox, WhatsApp, Gmail, or some other cloud service. All that matters to me is that I can find it and use it quickly. Remember, Dad, how I said that there had to be a tool that could manage this for me?


There is. It’s called Mailcloud. Mailcloud organizes all the files and photos you receive by email and makes them instantly findable and shareable. Doesn’t matter if you’re using an Android or iOS phone, Mailcloud will keep things tidy on your small screen.



mailcloud landing


Desktop is no picnic, but on a smartphone – the primary tool for more and more of us – dealing with attachments is fun on par with filing tax returns. Not only does Mailcloud extract material from attachments so that it’s visible again, but it neatly sorts data into sensible categories such as Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, PDFs, Videos, etc.


This might not sound mind blowing on first listen, but I gotta tell ya, I’ve seen a lot of attempts to re-imagine email over the last couple of years, and this straightforward system for identifying and using files hits my eyes like the first glimpse of blue sky by a trapped miner.


It works. And before anyone presses their panic button, thinking another filing tool might conflict with their own precious email folders, Mailcloud lets you use your folders as well.


Can’t remember who’s already seen the latest pics you’ve been passing around? Mailcloud clearly displays your contacts and items shared, before you go on an archaeological dig.


So far, Mailcloud is compatible with Gmail, Outlook or Office 365, with more email accounts on the way. It functions across iOS and Android and web, so you have access to everything no matter how you roll online.


Easy search. Simple filing. Files and photos from all over, in one convenient app, ready to share… I grew up in a house where things nudged slightly out of place were put back in proper order immediately, where beds were made daily and even teenagers had to keep rooms clean.  Needless to say, I’m an obsessive-compulsive organizational neat freak. Learning about Mailcloud – now in beta, launching in September – has made my week. Check it out at


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Author : Keith Liles

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