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MailBrowser.comMailBrowser is self-defined as a new and free Gmail plugin that will let you make the best out of your account by managing your contacts and attachments in a smoother setting.

This is done by letting you consolidate different contact lists, as well as having the data updated by extracting the latest information from actual emails.

Moreover, the most important information about each and every contact is displayed automatically, and notes can be attached in order to remember these bits that otherwise are easy to forget. In addition to that, you can tag contacts and groups on the whole, so that it can be effectively said that you will never lose track of a contact, nor wonder how this or that person ended up on your list.

Dealing with attachments is also made a smoother task, since these can be previewed and resent with little effort. Attachments can likewise be searched using desktop software.

In terms of accessing all this information and functionalities, the interface includes a side bar that sits there without getting in the way, and always ready to be used.

The plugin itself is a lightweight one, and the free download amounts to little less than 3 MB. You can procure it by following the provided link. Check for compatibility before, though. In Their Own Words

“MailBrowser is a free Gmail™ Plugin that helps you easily manage your contacts and attachments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very a direct way to save time by bringing added flexibility to any Gmail account.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like it for operating systems other than Windows?

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