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MahShelf.comThose with an active liking for graphic novels of every denomination are well-advised to set their browsers to the MahShelf website. The site is a social network for people who are keen on comics, manga and books with come with plenty of images.

In general terms, those who become site users can create their very own library and publish their best-loved graphic novels so that their friends and acquaintances can check them out. Likewise, the user can find other readers with similar tastes, and discover new comics he will probably like in the process.

The main page of the site includes a list of promoted books along with a “Reading Trends” section which is actually a tag cloud highlighting the most recurrent keywords so far.

MahShelf was started in February, 2008. It entered public beta a few months ago, and the site is still being put into place. However, the basic sharing features are already fully functional. Consider paying it a visit if you are fond of comics and related materials. In Their Own Words

“MahShelf is a place where you can publish your own comics, manga and other digital books. At MahShelf, you can create your own library and share your reading taste with friends and family.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It acts as an effective meeting point for people keen on graphic novels all over the globe.

Some Questions About

What are the features which will be added as part of the next update? Which ones will be added later on?

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