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Magntize.comBringing yourself online is a true adventure, and there is no real need for it to be over-complicated. If you agree with that philosophy (and we all do, really) then the Magntize website is bound to appeal to you.


In essence, this company provides a platform for you to have your very own website not only in a fast and simple way but also in a professional fashion.

In addition to being your personal corner on the Internet where you can provide biographical information and so on, we could say that Magntize acts as a hub for all the web content that appeals to you. That is so because integration with third parties that provide music and image hosting is fully accounted for. The way this is handled is also very smooth, as your Magntize site will be updated almost automatically if content which is relevant to your site surfaces in these sites that are compatible. Besides, whenever you tweet or blog these updates are also reflected on your Magntize website.

This service is provided at no cost, and the most appealing part might as well be that the sites do not expire. And as it was to be expected, pro accounts are also available. These come complete with a free domain that you set down at will (IE, “”) and also custom e-mail forwarding from that domain. Besides, a personalized RSS feed is provided for you to bring all your online activity into a unified stream. In Their Own Words

“Beautiful websites that introduce you to the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a smooth way of bringing who you are on the World Wide Web, this service will do because: A) It is free, and B) It is supple and time-effective.

Some Questions About

How much does a pro account cost?

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