– Put Your Face On The Cover Of A Magazine is an interesting site that lets you make your own magazine cover. You can upload a picture to make a magazine cover with featured the magazine templates. Mag My Pic offers users the chance to create a magazine cover as well as comics with their picture. You can also rate picture magazine covers by other users

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“ allows users to combine their picture with custom made Magazine covers in the likeness of popular Magazines. is an affiliate marketing effort that works to distribute and market subscriptions to each of the magazines displayed on MMP while providing a fun and entertaining way for users to display their picture. Within each distribution, the direct link to purchase each magazine is made available, allowing users across the globe to subscribe to these featured magazines with ease as an ever increasing and wider developing network of magazine subscribers builds.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate. It is nice that the site features a list of other peoples’ magazine covers, as it’s always a good idea to give people visiting the site an idea of what they can do. Being able to vote for covers is a good feature, voting is a feature that is present on most sites nowadays. Being able to subscribe to the magazines whose covers are featured on the site is brilliant. It is a great way for magazines to find new audiences.

Some Questions About has a lot of clutter and distracting advertisements. Having advertisements on sites is a way to receive money but it is nice when the advertisements don’t take over the site. It would be a good feature if the user could write the headlines of the magazine to cater to their photo such as “ Getting Upclose and Personal with Bruna”. Customizing headlines would make the application even more fun.