KillerStartups – Reading Magazines Online is a young web platform that plays out a very specific (and interesting) role: it enables magazines and magazine publishers to charge readers online for accessing their publications.

Upon visiting the website, magazine readers are given the opportunity to select a topic and then the current magazines are searched through. There is a pool amounting to more than 600 well-known publications, covering mostly every angle people could be interested in. Upon carrying a search, the relevant articles are presented back to the user for him to peruse at will. And while the site is in beta, every article can be read for free. The company hopes to implement a premium service whereby subscribers will have access to magazine content which will be privative to them.

If you decide to pay the site a visit, you will be glad to know that looking up the relevant articles is all the more easy because you can see the ones that are more popular, as well as being able to pick from the Top Magazines straightaway. Also, note that Maggwire is an open platform – it is accessible from any phone, computer or digital reader. In Their Own Words

β€œThe online destination for all your magazine related needs.

With over 10,000 magazine titles attracting 200 million American readers, Maggwire makes discovering magazine content a personalized experience. Utilizing social intelligence, our system recommends magazine articles you will enjoy reading from over 600 magazine titles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes reading quality content online a very easy and rewarding task.

Some Questions About

How can you have your magazine featured on the site? Is that possible?

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