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Magadoo.comSimply put it, Magadoo is an online bookmarks manager – IE, a tool that will enable you to access your favorite links from any computer. Not only can you access your bookmarks from anywhere there is an Internet connection, but you can also manage them at will and choose the layout of the list of links itself.

Moreover, you can keep track of all your stored favorites and count the clicks of each link. This comes in quite handy when it is time to reorganize things a little and you are uncertain of which links should stay and which ones should be removed.

The lists of link themselves are termed “linklists” in the site’s parlance, and these are completely configurable. Cosmetic aspects such as the color of each linklist can be set down, and you can also modify the structure as you see fit.

You can check out some linklists that have been created by Magadoo users at the site, too. Just follow the link that is included at the bottom of the page if you want a sampler of this new web application in action, and see if it is right for you or not. In Their Own Words

“Magadoo – the bookmark manager.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free and easy to set up and use, too.

Some Questions About

How does it compare to other similar websites that provide related services?

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