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Macyenta.comWith a slogan of “socializing for nerds”, MacYenta probably won’t appeal to everyone but it just might become a key portal for independent Mac programmers and designers looking to meet each other, collaborate together, or find work. According to MacYenta, a yenta is another term for a matchmaker; or someone who is generally good at socializing and matching up people of similar interests.


Mac developers and programmers can sign up and create their own profile in which they can do all the usual stuff like uploading a photo, and they can also state what kinds of projects they are interested in and what skills they have. Profiles can be easily searched with a variety of filters and categories making it very easy to find the right person for whatever the job. In Their Own Words

“Whether you’re looking for a partner, a job, or an employee, Mac Yenta is the place to find them. The people on this site are the who’s who in indie Mac development. There’s a lot of talent out there — help yourself to it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are already a fair number of members and this site might just succeed in matching up a few people and creating the next killer startup!

Some Questions About

Perhaps a good addition to the site would be the ability to vote for people who you have worked with or who did a good job for you?

Author : Caroline Bright

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