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Macosxhints.comHaving trouble with your OS X? Want to know how to optimize its functions? Then Macosxhints is just the site you are looking for. The site offers hint and tips on how to enhance your use of the OS X.

the site offers the information all spread out through the main page, but if you wish to find a specific article or submission, you can use their internal search engine, but the standard option of browsing through different categories and subcategories is not available on this site. Apart from the articles, this site offers other features to make your navigation more entertaining such as forums, links, stats and polls, among others. All the information available in this site may be acquired by the user completely for free, but, if you wish to have complete access to the site, like for example, posting comments, participating in the forums and submitting news, you need to register in Macosxhints by a quick and free process. In Their Own Words

“Mac Publishing, LLC publishes the world’s leading independent Macintosh publication and Web sites. Every month the award-winning Macworld magazine reaches over 1.9 million influencers of computer purchases, while the Mac Publishing Web presence garners an average of 1.7 million unique visitors. The Mac Publishing sites include:,, and Headquartered in San Francisco, Mac Publishing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are a great number of computer users that day by day are choosing Mac over the other operating systems, so Macosxhints may have an immense potential audience. This site offers a very useful service for all of those new users or inexperienced ones which are having any kind of problems when getting accustomed to the OS X. even though the user has no problems with their operating system, they can still find a great help in this site, giving optimization tips and other features.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t the untidiness of the site be arranged as soon as possible? Wouldn’t a division by categories be a good addition to the tidiness of the site? Isn’t the general appearance of the site a bit boring and monotonous? Why will people with computer problems rely on Macosxhints rather than on a technician or Mac’s site?