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Macnn.comInterested on anything involving Apple and Macintosh? Want to know everything there is to know about iPods and iPhones? Then this is just the site for you. Macnn offers news on all of these products relating to business, releases and reviews.

The site has many features for the users, such as news, podcasts, reviews, blog, forums and rss, and more. If the article or news you are looking for isn’t on this site, you may wait a few days (the site is updated daily) or visit any of their associated sites, for which Macnn offers links to. If you can’t find what you like by browsing through the site’s features and categories, they provide the user with an internal search engine, assuring that they will quickly find the article of their interest. All the information available in this site is completely for free, but if you wish to enhance your experience by posting comments or participating in the forums, there’s a registration required, but don’t worry, it’s a quick, easy and totally free process. In Their Own Words

“The Macintosh News Network is the premier source for Macintosh and iPod news, reviews, discussion, tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews. MacNN publishes dozens of news stories related to Apple, iTunes, iPod, and the Mac industry, tracking the latest developments in the computer, Apple-related, Mac, online music, and iPod markets. Since late 1995, company executives, IT managers, consultants and end-users have relied on the Macintosh News Network for timely information around-the-clock. MacNN has a presence at almost every major Macintosh-related conference to provide its readers with the most punctual news coverage possible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site features all the information that might interest anyone owning or thinking about acquiring an Apple product, so the service provided is very useful for either of them. The site is very well organized, and all the information available can be browsed through completely for free, and, due to the fact that the site is updated daily, users are sure to visit Macnn regularly. Everyday, more and more people purchase the new releases or already in existence Apple product, so the potential audience for this site could be of a very significant size.

Some Questions About

Why will surfers come to this site looking for information rather than entering Apple’s site? Are users going to see the information on this site as something they can rely on? What does Macnn offer that sets it apart from its large number of competitors? Isn’t the information pretty much just laying around the frontpage which could discourage users to enter Macnn?