KillerStartups – Just Like Foursquare But Only For Websites

Mabzy.comAre you looking for an old friend online? Would you like to join your friends on social networks? Then, it seems like may be worth a try. Using you can find people and friends on social networks as well as look for websites that might interest you.

This people finder site offers a free service. To find people you just need to sign up as a member and use the provided search engine. Notice that you can also search for websites according to your personal likes. Furthermore, on this online community you can interact with other members, chat, add comments and promote your personal site.

Do you want to find people on the Internet? Are you looking for an online community where to search for friends? Therefore, can interest you. On Mazby you can search for old friends, connect qirh Facebook friends and look for website of interest. In Their Own Words

“Mabzy wasn’t one of those ideas that just suddenly appeared. It slowly evolved from different things and when we got the idea of website check-ins after being Foursquare addicts, we knew we had something.

So basically, Mabzy lets you check-in to any website on the Internet. For each check-in, you earn 2 points. Soon, you’ll be able to use your points to bye actually prizes in the Mabzy Shop (more news on that later).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We are getting more and more used to the idea of checking in wherever we are. A site like this one applies such a concept to the WWW on the whole, and it offers up an exciting new range of possibilities.

Some Questions About

Will the site really take off? Will people turn to it in large enough numbers for it to succeed?

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