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Mabame.comMabame will let you capture all your memories and life experiences, and keep them in a unified place. The site was started by two parents that noticed how easy it was to forget specific details such as the first words spoken by a son, or the way that our tastes evolved over time.

Mabame’s mission, then, is to let us save that information and retrieve it when we feel like reminiscing, or showing our children the way they were when they have finally grown up. It would be just like showing them a journal – Mabame lets you create posts or entries that combine text and images. In a certain sense, calling the site a kind of private blogging platform is not that far-fetched. The one difference is that of privacy – nobody but you and the ones you decide to share your journal with can have access to what is kept on Mabame.

A Mabame journal is fully customizable in terms of appearance, and entries can also be made when you are on the go – simply enter your personal URL in the browser of your mobile or tablet and that’s it. In Their Own Words

“Mabame was founded by us, Steve Everett and Sharon Lam. After many years of raising our family, we found that we were forgetting the details of our family life. What were our son’s first five words? Who was his best friend in second grade? What are all the cars we’ve owned and when did we have them? From talking with our friends and family, we found that they also wished they had kept more notes on their life details. So we decided to create Mabame – an easy, fun, and mobile way to capture your life details, in one centralized place.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to capture your most precious memories and preserving them for generations to come.

Some Questions About

Can you include other media besides photographs?

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