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Ma.rsAn emerging mobile marketing platform, Mars is meant to be used by those who have little technical expertise and just no programming skills. This new platform comes with an intuitive drag and drop interface that lets just anybody create both mobile sites and landing pages by positioning the relevant elements where he wants. Then, by using QR codes and SMSes content can be published and instantly distributed to mobile users.

The result of any campaign that is launched through this site can be easily measured by looking at the provided statistics, and both users and content can be managed by way of the featured control panel.

Leaving aside how easy Mars is to get acquainted with, one of the finest aspects of the whole platform is how the sites that are built through it are OS-independent. That is, they can be accessed on just any mobile that you could think of. That broadens the appeal of Mars more than considerably, and if you have been looking for ways of reaching out to mobile users then maybe you should consider paying this site a visit right now. In Their Own Words

Mobile marketing platform.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it is easy to get to grips with, and the resulting sites and landing pages can be accessed from just any mobile device.

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