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Lystener.comI don’t know what emphasis you place on lyrics, but if we were to be entirely objective then we would have to agree that they are at least as important as the music that goes with them. When we absolutely fall in love with a song the lyrics are never a negligible part of it for us.

Well, this site will give us a good chance to revise the lyrics to those songs we have always loved, and also to share them with our friends quite effortlessly.

Named Lystener, it is a resource that works using your handle in order to provide you with the words to any song that you are listening to. That is, on the site you provide your username and the lyrics to the song that you are listening to concurrently are displayed for you to read them.

And you can also proceed to share these lyrics with your contacts on the Social Web. That is a very simple and direct way to let others know exactly why you have fallen in love with this or that song – any song that you grow to adore is actually a true mirror of a certain part of you. Being capable of sharing its lyrics so instantly will let you show new acquaintances these parts of you in a way that is both entertaining and memorable. In Their Own Words

“Find lyrics, share them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site like this one will let others get to know you better through the music you like -these songs that you love say a lot about yourself.

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How will this site evolve beyond this point?