search cancel – Lyrics for music has come to save the masses from singing the wrong words to their favorite songs.


We all laugh it off when we don’t know the words or we mumble something like “carrots peas orange juice” to make it look like we know them, but theres nothing more gratifying than singing the right lyrics. promotes a tool for users to easily and quickly view the lyrics to the music that is playing, at the same time. is sweet because it not only plays exactly what you want when you want it, but it also tracks your listening habits. works in the same way by tracking your listening habits and keeping all of the song lyrics on file for searching. Users first need an account (free) on and then use that same information to register on LyricsMuse. The lyrics that are shared are usually from LyricWiki and can this be added to and changed by the users. Finally, promises to be different than the competition by not ever using pop-up ads. In Their Own Words

“Lyrics Muse is a website which makes it easy for users to quickly see lyrics for the music they’re listening to and collaboratively edit lyrics as well.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you didn’t think could get any better you were wrong. LyricsMuse is the ideal accessory for and is similar in style. Both are very easy to use, consumer focused and very sly with ads as to not piss off the user. Rock on.

Some Questions About

What service does the Recent Tracks offer on the lyricsmuse site? The songs have no lyrics connected to them yet?

Author : Bruce Turner

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