– Social Network For College Students

Lymabean.comLymabean is a new social network that has a clearly-defined target audience: college students. Through this social site, these will be able to interact with each other while also being able to connect with different service providers located around campus.

The site actively features all the shareable contents that characterize social networks in general, and it is possible for members to upload pictures and images while entering into online discussions about all that matters to college students. This way, information about upcoming events can be readily shared. Moreover, events can be created in a streamlined fashion and communicated easily.

Registration to the site is carried out in a very intuitive manner, and the same can be said about the actual management and organization of any existing profile. There seems to be an emphasis on making the site as easy to use as possible, and if you couple that with the very striking design on offer you end up with a package that is bound to attract college students all over the country, and most likely keep them coming back for more. In Their Own Words

“A social networking-ish site for college students only.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

College students everywhere will appreciate the ability to interact in a social site that caters just for them.

Some Questions About

When is the next update coming along?