Do You Find Nutrition Complicated? LYFE Fuel Makes It Much Easier To Eat Well

Let me ask, do you know of anyone who doesn’t want to eat better, feel better, and live healthier?




Me neither. So the next question worth asking is: Why is it so hard to take better care of ourselves that many of us struggle to meet our health goals? We know that diet and nutrition are vital to our wellness, but can’t seem to get where we’d like to be.


We have so many options when it comes to what we can eat. We can’t keep up with the science that’s constantly revising what we should be eating, and how we should be eating foodstuffs together. Factor in things like “organic” labeling, and it’s really confusing to figure out what to put into our bodies.


But there is hope. LYFE Fuel is a new company that aims to take the complexity out of nutrition through a line of science-based formulas designed for optimal health and performance.


They’re starting out by offering Daily Essential Shakes designed to boost your daily protein and nutrient intake, while helping to kick start your metabolism, curb sugar cravings and nourish your body so that it can perform at its best.


The company’s goal is “…to inspire and empower others to ‘Live Your Fullest Everyday’ through a line of high-quality, responsibly made, plant-based products that make it easy to live optimally and kick ass at LYFE!”


Viva plant power!




LYFE founder Chris Manderino is an ex-NFL player who moved to Italy to play football, where he encountered an Italian diet that was simpler, plant-based, and featured high-quality ingredients and smaller portions. A career switch to the nutraceutical industry took him down a path where he deepened his appreciation for a plant-based diet for the good of both the human body and the planet.


LFYE products handle the science so that the average consumer doesn’t have to. They’ve figured out the right ingredients and the right quantity of ingredients to make sure the body receives the full benefits of each and every life-sustaining nutrient. Behold, nutrition simplified.


The Daily Essentials Shake is an all natural, plant-based meal replacement powder engineered to provide exactly the nutritional elements that are frequently missing from the standard American diet. One scoop provides everything that our bodies require on a daily basis to allow us to thrive – essential vitamins D3, K2, and B12 along with powerful superfoods, organic greens, protective antioxidants, pre & probiotics for gut health, digestive enzymes and CoQ10 (which helps convert food to energy).


Looking for a simple solution to put your diet on the right track? Learn more about LYFE Fuel products and their transformation programs at Enjoying an Essentials Shake will not only improve your own health but contribute to the greater good, helping to combat global malnutrition. LYFE has partnered with Vitamin Angels to provide life-saving Vitamin A supplementation to a child in need for every purchase of LYFE products.


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