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Luxyachts.comThis website has a clear aim: making it possible for anybody to have a yachting experience that is fun, enjoyable and safe at the same time. The site offers services that include a searchable database of yachts either for rent or for sale, along with a functionality for looking up the necessary crew on the spot.


Besides, a category that goes by the name of “Management” features a wide-ranging collection of tools such as calculators and a list of both yacht and crew certifications by Flag State. That part of the website also includes a comprehensive set of contract samples – legal documents for the sale or purchase of any such vehicle are found right there. Crew administration and safety management forms are likewise featured.

Finally, those who need some assistance when it comes to yachting-related issues can hire the services of the company’s management team. These include both financial and administration services, along with logistical support.

As you can see, this site is certainly comprehensive. While visiting it won’t necessarily answer any yacht-related questions you might have every single time, it will most certainly equip you with the necessarily knowledge to make better-informed decisions. Check it out and arrive at your own conclusions. In Their Own Words

“Pure luxury, unadulterated pleasure, the ultimate extravagance. Your yachting experience should be perfect in every detail, worry free and full of bliss. Luxury Yacht Group provides sales, charter, management and crew placement services to handle all aspects of your yachting experience. Our operation is fully vested in state of the art technology to provide one of the most comprehensive yachting resources in the industry. We have an unconditional commitment to ongoing service excellence and client satsifaction. Simple. Your every whim within reach.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very thorough resource, and it takes into account every single aspect a person even remotely interested in the topic at hand could deem as worthwhile.

Some Questions About

Can site users interact among themselves somehow? Are forums provided?

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