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As a player, you just have to finish in the top 50% to earn money. Earn thousands monthly in purses without ever winning a single game. As an owner, you get paid 80% of what your team makes. Using the league’s draft you can build a huge team enabling you to generate significant revenue without the $700 million price tag normally asociated with owning a pro sports team. is a website that offers great opportunities for online gamers! In Their Own Words

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That’s because to earn money in our league, you don’t have to “win” by coming in first, you just have to finish in the top 50%! Recruit an unlimited amount of players to play on your team and get paid a bonus equal to 80% of what every player on your team earns.
And using the the league’s Player Draft, you can build as large a team as you want without having to do the work of personally recruiting players. Whether you field a team of 5 players or 50,000 players, you get paid 80% of the purses earned by every player on your team.
Do the math. It gives you the unlimited earning potential of a real pro sports franchise without the $700 million price tag.”

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