Luvr Arms Cupid with Video to Shoot Romance Back into Mobile Dating

When it comes to dating, surprise can be wonderful. Deception, on the other hand, is never good. Unfortunately, misleading photos, catfish and other shenanigans have made us all a bit jaded in regard to online dating – a bit more reluctant to open ourselves to surprise.


But there is a potent weapon against all the trickery that will allow romantics and flirts to let their guard down again and explore the dating scene with gusto: video. And the startup that’s using video to perfect effect is called Luvr.




Luvr is a mobile dating application, available for iOS and Android, that uses video in a few ways to bring the perfect matches together. For starters, users record a short video clip of themselves for a bio. When two people express mutual interest, they can then send one another flirtatious, disappearing videos. This gives people a way to get to know someone slightly more, while being creative and having fun, without having to exchange personal details quite yet.


“One of the great things about video is that it allows you to pick up on subtle nuances about a person’s personality, their mannerisms, their sense of humor, and other traits that tell you much more about who that person is and what they’re actually like versus a static photo that might be several years old and not an accurate representation of who that person is today,” said Luvr CEO Oliver Buckley.


When both parties desire to brave more intimacy, they can have one-on-one, secure video chats via Luvr. Tiered levels of video interaction ensure that everyone can participate within their comfort zone at all times.


luvr app screenshots


To help build even greater confidence that what you’re seeing is an accurate representation of a stranger, Luvr timestamps all photos and videos, so you can rest assured that images are up to date. Another feature, Dual Swipe Verification, adds an extra layer onto the familiar swipe left/right function to give users up to three times more information about a potential match than would other dating apps.


And just in case it’s not abundantly obvious that the creators of Luvr have thoughtfully addressed the major shortcomings of dating apps, they’ve also gone to the trouble of incorporating 15 levels of filters to help people find solid matches.


Buckley adds, “More and more, people are taking advantage of video as a go-to medium when it comes to interacting with their social groups. Whether that’s on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it. With Luvr, we’re simply applying that capability to the mobile dating scene to give people the added benefits it delivers over the limitations of today’s photo-only alternatives.”


Better odds of great match, more genuine and dynamic video interactions, enhanced layers of safety – for these good reasons and more 200,000+ users have signed up for the app in just a few months since launching.


Luv is in the air. Learn more about Luvr by visiting


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