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Luvhertz.comThose of you who feel as if the song “Stupid Cupid” by Wanda Jackson defined your love lives are certain to like this website. In general terms, it is a social networking resource where people have a chance to gauge relationships.

On the site you can ask for (and receive) anonymous feedback, and discuss with other about dating do’s and don’ts. Of course, you should take that advice with a pinch of salt in the sense that you are the one who knows best. After all, people are venturing opinions based on what you have told them. They only have one side of the story (IE, yours), and when it comes to something as subjective as love then everything can grow out of perspective quite quickly.

If you can keep that in mind, the site will be quite entertaining. Again – take it as what it is. Here you will find advice and maybe a place in which you can release some negative feelings. But in the end, the one and only person who truly knows your other half is you. You are the one who must make decisions based on that knowledge. In Their Own Words

“ is a free social network site designed to help you keep it real when it comes to your love life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting way to get second (and third) opinions on something as pivotal as love.

Some Questions About

Is this integrated with other social services?