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Lurvely.comFeel like spending some time browsing through photography and art from all around the world? Need inspiration for an art assignment and don’t know where to turn to? If any of the preceding rings true, chances are you will find a visit to the Lurvely website an appealing proposition

In general terms, the site will enable you to browse through photo files by people that are members of Flickr, the ever-popular image and video hosting service. The main page of the site comprises a collection of pictures from random users, and when you see one that picks your fancy you can click on it.

When you do so, you are not just presented with that photograph in its actual size, but you can actually learn about the uploader and see related photographs.

Further navigation options include a “Find People You Lurve” search tool that will allow you to look up people by Flickr username and browse through the pictures and images they have uploaded for all to see. In Their Own Words

“Discover spectacular photography on Flickr. Start by exploring today’s most interesting to see where it leads you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of having access to art from all over the world.

Some Questions About

How often is the main page updated and how?