– Make Connections Over Lunch

Lunchepreneur.comLetting you find business professionals in the area that you are located and meet them over lunch is what this new web service has been created for. It goes by the suitable name of Lunchpreneur, and it is the kind of service that can but proliferate in these days where people have less and less time available, and maximizing every single minute is a priority. Well, that is an aim that can surely be achieved via this new platform.

Using Lunchpreneur is as easy as you can imagine, as all you have to do is to basically ndividualize these days and times you are up for having lunch with other businessmen, and specify which venues would work out best for you. The Lunchpreneur algorithm will then determine which people are there who meet your criteria, and you will be notified about matches by email. If one looks particularly good then you can proceed to accept it, and have lunch with the person. And once lunch is over, you can rate him/her so that the matching process becomes even more effective in the future. In Their Own Words

Lunchepreneur is a free service that matches business professionals in your area for lunch meetings. We help you build a true Social Network of connections that you have real life experience meeting with.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let busy professionals maximize every second of their days.

Some Questions About

How quickly can this be adopted? What could speed the whole process up?