– The Brain Fitness Program

There’s tools and tools for improving your memory online, but few have been developed by professionals that are as reputable as the ones responsible for Lumosity. This web platform was put together by researchers at Stanford, UCSF, Harvard and Columbia, and it really stands as one of the most effective ways of improving your memory online. makes your brain work better by presenting you with a wide-ranging collection of games. These can all be played on your browser, and they are grouped in the following categories: “Word Games”, “Brain Games”, “Brain Exercise”, “Brain Training Games”, “Brain Game” and “Brain Exercises”.

Plus, a “Brain health” category is made up of the following sections: “Improve Memory”,  “Brain Training”, “Brain Fitness”, “Train Your Brain”,” Mind Games” and “Brain Health”.

The more you play any of these games, then the better Lumosity gets to know you, and the more it will adapt to your true needs. And you can tell it in which direction you want your training to be taken, too.

In order to play any of the games featured on, first you have to buy an activation code. But plans for families are thanfully available, so that you and your little ones can play all the games you want by using a single activation code.

Additionally, a mobile app is provided for you to train while you’re on the go. Which is just great if you’re a busy executive who spends hours every week flying from one city to the other, or a daily commuter. You’ll be able to do all the exercises that are available on the site whenever you have the time.