– Be Put On Hold No More

LucyPhone.comIt shouldn’t happen, but it does. Calling a company is often tantamount to ending up infuriated after being put on hold and listening to the same dreadful background music for five straight minutes.

You lash at the operator (who was not to fault to begin with, but since he works there he just gets it) and then the operator goes on a sulky mood for the rest of the evening. And those who call and talk to him from that point onwards will be in for a rough ride. Everybody will just end up moody, and for no real good reason.

Lucy Phone is a web service that aims to do something about it. Using it, you will be able to dial up a company and have Lucy Phone put in the control of the whole call. You won’t have to wait and listen to the muzak when it begins playing. You will be able to disconnect yourself when the call is put on hold. But Lucy Phone will stay on the line. And when a live agent is finally on the other side of the line, Lucy Phone will call you up and connect you with the operator. It’s as simple as that. And I think we all agree that it’s also an incredibly useful service. In Their Own Words

“Never wait on hold again…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you keep your frustration to a minimum when calling up any company for consumer support.

Some Questions About

What’s next? Where can this be taken to now?