– Recommendations From Your Friends

LoveThis.comHaving an algorithm recommending us things totry and see is not something faultless. Nothing beats human input. The thing is, there are times when no friend is around to assist us, hence we have to let things slip into automatic and keep our fingers almighty crossed.

Well, Love This is a new recommendation service that hopes to give us a better chance to find exciting things to try by combining both machine-powered recommendations and the live input of friends.

Users of this site can see what those who make up their social graphs have already tried and recommended, and the emphasis is put on the creation of ordered and coherent lists. And it certainly makes a difference, I can tell you. Everything is findable right away, and the fact that users choose exactly who is seeing their recommendations makes for people feeling more comfortable when interacting through Love This.

They can let their whole social graphs see what they recommend, or restrict the access to their most selected group of contacts. It is all up to each user, and these settings can obviously be modified later on. In Their Own Words

LoveThis helps you share recommendations amongst your friends, quickly and easily.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free way to get the insight of those who know more than you.

Some Questions About

How specific can recommendations be kept?