LovdByLess.com – Open-Source, Social-Network In Love


LovdByLess.comThe web probably doesn’t need another new social network, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of folks from trying. What it does need, is an open source social network and LovdByLess is precisely that.

LovdByLess lets you create the social network of your dreams. It lets you concentrate on writing your killer application without having to worry about the details. Built with Ruby On Rails, LovdByLess is feature rich and allows for social interaction on every level. It’s got Flickr and YouTube integration, email, dashboard, user-to-user messaging, user blogs, photo gallery, profile bio and comments among other things. The beauty of thing, is that you don’t have to use LovdByLess to make the next Facebook. Say you want to create your own little niche website for nanobots and let it be a gathering place for nanobot fans. Do it. You can use all of the features or some. It’s your baby. Feed it what you want.

LovdByLess.com In Their Own Words

“Along with having our own products, we also develop websites for other companies. Last year we had more requests for a “social network that also does _________” than for anything else. Most of these projects were crippled with a budget so small that they would never be able to afford a well programmed site that meets their goals. So we said we should just build one and give it away. While we don’t believe that the world needs another social network, we do believe that most sites can benefit from some sort of social interaction, software is about communication after all. Now everyone has a platform they can write their application on without worrying about these details, you can concentrate on your app. We just want to help people get off on the right foot. We wrote LovdByLess for you. We wish you the best in your project. Enjoy!”

Why LovdByLess.com It Might Be A Killer

LovdByLess is a great idea. It lets anyone with a pc and internet create their own social network or site. The interface is clean and easy to use. And it’s open source, so there’s always potential for more.

Some Questions About LovdByLess.com

Will LovdByLess catch on? Will the world tire of out of the box LovdByLess sites? Do they have a business model? LovdByLess.com