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Lotpath.comLotpath’s tagline says it all: ‘Know Your Food’. This site deals with food transparency.

If you’ve ever been concerned about where your food comes from, with Lotpath you’ll be able to find answers. Suppliers are given a platform to share information about their products to consumers, regulatory agencies, and retailers. How it works: Lot numbers are assigned to products processed at a particular time and place– these numbers are key to Lotpath’s functionality. Suppliers, from small family farmers to large corporations may mark their products indicating that information is available in Lotpath. This information may include agricultural practices, locations, dates, sanitation and even safety data. Retailers using Lotpath are able to obtain additional information from suppliers besides purchase and shipping data. Industry programs can are given management control over food supplier’s program memberships and participation levels. Finally, there’s you the consumer—you end up knowing more than you ever knew before about your food. In Their Own Words

“Lotpath is the home of food supply chain transparency. Lotpath enables suppliers of food to share vital information about their products with consumers, retailers, trading partners and regulatory agencies.

Lotpath makes important food information available to retailers and consumers at the point of purchase. Lot numbers attached to food items or packaging provide the key that unlocks information from Lotpath.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

LotPath has developed a viable system for maintaining transparency in the food market. It’s a good way for all participants in the chain to inform one another, and to keep up to date and informed on market happenings and trends. Consumers, moreover, get to know where their food comes from.

Some Questions About

How will LotPath market itself? Will suppliers and retailers adopt Lotpath standards?

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