Loopylove.com – Online Dating Community

Loopylove.comLoopylove is the first ever online dating community in the United Kingdom. The folks at Loopylove claim that their community is based on fun and that people can choose to meet as many people they want.

Unlike traditional service that put your profile into a database and then spurt out a list of people that you should date, Loopylove leaves it up to you. With some fun features like the Loopy wheel which allows you to spin and randomly have a date picked for you and the ability to send winks, live chat, smiles and your very own love wall. The site takes some of the best features of http://www.facebook.com and applies them to their online dating community. After all, dating is supposed to be fun and not a chore.

Loopylove.com In Their Own Words

Here’s a sprinkling of info about Loopylove, the thoroughly fun online dating community. We’re not really like other online dating websites; who seem to take your data, put it into their big brainy computers and then tell you your ‘perfect match’. To us, dating should be fun, it should be a laidback and sociable affair, where you’re free to chat to whom you please and meet as many folks as you wish. You were born free so you should be free to enjoy yourself, flirt a little, make new friends and above all. It’s a big family without the arguments.

Why Loopylove.com It Might Be A Killer

Being the first UK based online community and focusing more on social networking than on the stale traditional online dating environment, Looylove is a breath of fresh air. People could really start use this and viral growth could be enormous.

Some Questions About Loopylove.com

The site appears interesting but there is very little information available before registering. People are reluctant to go through the registration process before they know exactly what they are signing up for and therefore they should consider adding more testimonials and information prior to registration. Loopylove.com