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LooptMix.comPicture yourself after you move to a new city and you still don’t have that many acquaintances to go around with. That is all the more aggravating if you were accustomed to playing soccer every Thursday night and you can’t do without it.

A mobile app like this one might be the answer to that dilemma.

Essentially, it will let you meet up with like-minded individuals who you don’t know yet so that you can do activities together. That include not only playing different sports but also going shopping and even clubbing together.

Loopt Mix has real-time chat and messaging features, and push notifications are fully accounted for, whereas your profile makes for different levels of privacy and visibility. The search process itself can be refined by way of tags and filters, and when it comes to presenting who you are to others it is possible to have multiple photographs to go with.

Note that other Loopt Mix users will never see your exact position – they will simply be notified that you are in their close vicinity, and your approximate distance. In Their Own Words

“Loopt Mix introduces you to the people nearby that you wish you knew.

New in town? Looking for basketball buddies? Someone to go clubbing with?

Create a profile on Loopt Mix to start meeting new people nearby.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a tool, it combines mobile technology with social features in order to create a platform for instant communication of its very own.

Some Questions About

Is this service free? If so, will it always be free?

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