Loonapix.com – Add Frames To Your Photos

Loonapix.comIn yet another bid to make your pictures look fabulous and funny, all at once, LoonaPix has launched an image processing service which you can use to add frames to your photos. It’s pretty simple and straightforward to apply.

Just upload any photo or select an image from the web (paste the URL in the appropriate area), and choose a frame you like. LoonaPix will suggest the top 9 frames at the moment (these include heart shaped frames, flowers, and standard squares), but feel free to pick any frame from the other categories/subcategories—emotions, friends. occasions. Photos cannot be more than 5mb in size and they need to be in either GIF, PNG or JPG format. Soon to come is Flickr support, so you’ll be able to upload photos directly from your Flickr account.

Loonapix.com In Their Own Words

“In a few words – LoonaPix.com is going to beautify your life.
I can truly say – at least, it is our aim :)”

Why Loonapix.com It Might Be A Killer

Loonapix is simple yet fun. It’s great for sprucing up photos for posting on Facebook and MySpace or any other social network for that matter. It’s really easy to use and free.

Some Questions About Loonapix.com

The frame selection is scarce, will they add more? Is this too limited/tacky for anyone to really get much use out of it? Loonapix.com