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Loomia.comLoomia is a recommendation service. Any website can integrate Loomia to make personalized suggestions to their visitors.


Whether it be videos, books or socks, Loomia can provide tailored recs simply by analyzing user behavior. It will compare likes and dislikes and overall preferences to give your visitors spot-on results in real-time. This gives website owners click-through rates of up to 20% on Loomia components. Loomia can be customized to fit the existing site and no sign is necessary for site users. Pricing differs based on partnership type, but a free trial version is available. There’s also a completely free, ad-supported option for smaller sites and blogs. In Their Own Words

“The number of things available to watch, listen to, purchase, and pay attention to is growing at an ever-expanding rate. Loomia’s goal is to provide sites with easy-to-use recommendation services that help people find things that that they like. Affordably, transparently, and without a lot of work.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Loomia is a merchandising tool fit for smaller sites, with modicum budgets. It’s a useful way for site owners to make money without having to rely on disruptive ads that have nothing to do with a visitor. There’s little risk involved and sites do get more page views.

Some Questions About

There are other similar services out there, what really sets Loomia apart? How tailored are the recommendations?


Loomia has recently partnered with the Wall Street Journal.

Author : Siri Marshall

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