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LookABee.comConsidering that everyone and their mother is on Facebook, soon, everyone, their mother and their teacher will be on Facebook too. LookABee is a new Facebook application designed specifically for teachers to assist them in a more efficient way to hand out homework and create inter student conversation on subjects through Facebook.


The app was designed by one of former developers and uses quite a bit of the technology to make for efficient file sharing. This way a teacher can attach documents to Facebook and students can download them and print them out from home and can have discussion forums between each other. If a student has a question they can Facebook the teacher. The application is customizable for each teacher with no coding necessary. In Their Own Words

Avoid homework headaches. Improve your students grades.

Teach On Facebook.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This application has clear advantages for saving the teachers time and also for helping them be more productive and also available for the students should they need help. Teachers can download the app for free and customize it to their specifications within minutes.

Some Questions About

Are teachers ready for this? To be on Facebook with the students? Will a substantial amount of teachers sign up quickly?


Author : Irene Davids

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