Have A Look At CloudTasks If You Really Want To See How To Get Things Done

Here’s a doozy of a question for you: How much more do you think you could accomplish each day if you took a peak at a task managing tool every time you picked up your cellphone instead of following another round of social media posts and videos?


Whoa. Secret to greater productivity partially unlocked – of course, the tool has to be a good one to actually help get stuff done.


Enter CloudTasks, a task management application that integrates with your calendar.


cloudtasks landing


It’s worth mentioning right of the bat that CloudTasks has gone to the trouble to make a pretty entrance into said picture. Like all those handwritten notes that get lost in the shuffle, plenty of to-do list apps look a lot like… well, each other, which makes them easy to ignore. CloudTasks has a clean (somewhat customizable) design that focuses your attention: a solid beginning in the pursuit of organization.


CloudTasks integrates with Google Tasks if you’re already a fan, then adds on features that pull your different worlds together no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Here’s a quick list of just some of the standout qualities of the app:

  • recurring tasks
  • reminders
  • priorities
  • voice input
  • notifications
  • sort
  • filtering
  • sharing


Basically you can see tasks in a way that keeps priorities clear and ensures details don’t slip by the wayside. Let’s be honest, our attention is divided in too many directions. It’s a challenge to stay on course and not forget things. Daily tasks, appointments, long-term projects – there’s always enough to do to drive anyone crazy.


CloudTasks makes it easy to sort through different tasks, to add or update tasks, to make lists, as well as to view tasks in as much detail as necessary. A daily briefing provides a quick refresher of what’s immediately ahead and ensures you don’t miss a thing. Sharable with friends, coworkers, clients, or whoever else you need in the loop, CloudTasks allows everyone to stay on the same page by syncing data in the cloud.


If you’re a person who enjoys working from a calendar – is accustomed to more traditional agendas – CloudTasks lets you continue on your merry way. However, the company also offers the CloudCal – a smart eyeful that helps to visualize your distribution of tasks on a calendar in addition to seeing what’s happening on any particular date.


Fishing for notes, trying to retrieve ignored reminders, forgetting dates and times – each of these minor blunders adds up to a tremendous waste of time. With CloudTasks, you can quickly locate different lists and see what’s in store faster than you can read the latest round of tweets.


If you think a glance is all it should take to stay on track and get things done, be sure to check out CloudTasks.


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