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Look As Hot As Olivia Pope With WornOnTV

Today’s Killer Startup: Worn On TV



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Elevator Pitch:

WornOnTV helps viewers find the fashions they see in their favorite shows.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Most of the shows I watch have female protagonists and I find myself lusting after one item of clothing or another at least once an episode. I mean, who doesn’t want all of Olivia Pope’s coats or Emily Thorne’s perfectly fitted dresses, am I right?


WornOnTV knows that there are plenty of people out there like me who are spotting pieces on their favorite shows but just don’t know how to track them down IRL. They’ve put together a massive library of images from popular shows (including the aforementioned Scandal and Revenge) with links to sites where you can buy either exact matches or something really similar.


While the site itself is a little busy (the FAQs section make it seem like it’s more of a hobby site than the kind of thing someone would sink thousands of dollars in design on), it’s hard to beat their content. I found multiple tops, dresses, and jackets that I would drain my bank account for immediately.


Thank god I live abroad and shipping is a pain.


Under each show, you have the option of searching by character, so you don’t have to be bothered with the ones that don’t match your style or gender. They also offer an “other outfits from this episode” side bar so that you can explore a little bit and info on the episode your chosen piece appeared in.


So if you’re like me and find yourself thinking, “Ugh, that needs to be in my closet!” when you’re watching your favorite shows, head over to WornOnTv and make it happen.



Dying for absolutely everything #OlivePope wears on @ScandalABC? Find it on @WornOnTV


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