LongURL.org – Expand Shortened URLs

LongURL.orgThere is a preponderance of URL shortening services out there, and these cater mainly for Twitter users that are bound by the 140 characters restriction inherent to the popular micro-blogging platform. As a result, there is also a wide number of shortened URL files available.

When you get one of these, you have no way of knowing if it is really a safe address to use or not. That is where this web-based service comes into play.

As its name implies, LongURL will allow you to expand short URLs that have been created using popular applications like TinyURL and TweetBurner. This process is as simple as one could hope for, too – it is a matter of typing in or pasting the address when prompted and the expanded result will be provided instantly.

What’s more, a LongURL Mobile Expander is also featured and it will enable you to expand shortened URL on any website. It can be installed either as a Firefox extension or as a Greasemonkey script. This can be found under the “Tools” heading, and further resources which are included there include a jQuery plugin repository for webmasters to add LongURL support.

LongURL.org In Their Own Words

“LongURL provides a standard API for multiple URL shortening services.”

Why LongURL.org It Might Be A Killer

It provides a helpful service for free and it is an open source project, too. This means others can add support for new services in a straightforward way .

Some Questions About LongURL.org

Are there similar services, or is this a first? LongURL.org