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Lolstack.comLolstack is a new community site devoted to nothing but original images. Here, people who have a penchant for unique visual material will find lots of selections to look at and (ultimately) become inspired by.

The featured content can be browsed thematically (with all the obvious categories such as Funny, Cute and Political being already included), and specific searches can also be carried out.

All of the images that are uploaded to the site can be both discussed and ranked, and the ones that are more commented can always be visualized along with the ones that have received the best ratings.

And Lolstack is an intelligent platform in the sense that it can take care of automatically rejecting images hich have been submitted before. This is very good, actually – sites with humorous content such as this one are often plagued by recurring images, uploaded by people who have just joined and ignore what has gone before. In Their Own Words

Funny original pictures.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photographers, designers and people who work with visual materials will find lots of inspiration here.

Some Questions About

What else can be shared through the site? What about funny anecdotes?