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Lohalo – A Better Way To Connect With The People Around You

Trying to share a message where it matters most – locally – is still a big challenge when it comes to communicating online.


Twitter? Too easy for the message to be buried underneath the other tweets that pile up so quickly. Same holds true for Facebook posts. Email? Hard to say when someone will get to it. Craigslist? A simple tool for posting information, but a dreadful tool for communicating.


Meet Lohalo, a location-specific messaging app for communicating with people nearby.




Any message sent via Lohalo is only available within a 10-mile radius of the sender’s location. This keeps messages relevant to a local audience. Senders can include hashtags with keywords in their messages in order to better direct communication toward those who share similar interests.


Want to find toy drives this holiday season? Instead of conducting a fruitless search, Lohalo would let coordinators easily inform the community of their efforts and empower givers to discover drives by simply adding the tag “toy.” Don’t want an apartment listing to disappear down a web page? Share the listing via Lohalo.


Lohalo lets users manage tags so that they’re involved only in the messages that they’re most likely to care about. They can also select their notification preferences. Similar to how “likes” function on Facebook, “Shout-outs” help to promote individual messages. What’s more, a “shout-out” expands the radius that a message can travel from the sender.


For convenience, users can save locations, which means you can adapt how you receive messages based on the setting. For example, you might eliminate distracting alerts when you’re at work.


Basically, Lohalo helps people engage with their neighbors more effectively. It’s a unique and different way of connecting people with common interests, centered on location.


Want to tell others about a garage sale? Should a public service announcement be shared urgently? Need to find a lost dog? Lohalo is the simple tool that can help such messages find their targets more easily and quickly. Sign up for a free account at


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Author : Keith Liles

Keith Liles is a freelance writer who loves travel, music, wine, hiking, poetry, and just about everything. He practices saying "yes" to life vigorously, rehearsing for the phone call when he's asked to tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Follow Keith on Twitter @KPLiles.

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