search cancel – Watch Ads And Win Prizes aims to revive something as tried and tested as online sweepstakes. We can define it is a sweepstakes site for consumers which basically provides advertisers with a whole new channel for engagement, and businesses with a promotion solution that bolsters brand impact. You see, on Loffles people like you and me can watch online videos that are sponsored by specific brands, and at the end of them we are going to be asked to answer some questions, which can only be answered correctly by those who did pay attention to the ad in the first place. The ones who get these questions right are entered into a sweepstake, with the winner being announced in due time.


The prize? That is actually down to the user. Each person can choose what he would like to get at the very beginning of the process, by picking any of the many cool products that are always offered.

In this way, advertisers are ensured people get to see their ads, and people have a real reason to pay them good heed – their chance of winning anything depends on that. In Their Own Words

Watch ads to win TVs, trips, savings and more. The more videos you watch, the more loffles you score. Loffles are chances to win giveaways for major prizes.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it does all it can be done so that people will actually watch ads when they begin showing.

Some Questions About

How often are new prizes added to the list of featured ones?

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