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This Guy’s Startup Sucked So Much His Mom Wouldn’t Even Go Near It

When the world seems against you, the one person you’re supposed to always be able to count on for support is Mom. So, you know your startup has serious problems when even Mom won’t go near it.



Fortunately, LockerDome co-founder Gabe Lozano kept in mind another piece of homespun wisdom – Mom is always right – and he kept working on his social media platform after a shaky start.




There’s No Substitute for Working Hard

Adjustments were made, and LockerDome began to take off as a sports-oriented platform. For Lozano, however, sports were only a part of a larger vision to change the world. As he admitted to Brent Beshore in Forbes, even he got tired of using the website. This led the team to roll up their sleeves and refashion the site into a place where you collect the things you like – videos, articles, conversations, etc. – rather than organize around who you know.


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The added flexibility made room for a wider variety of content, including subjects such as technology and startups, politics, entertainment, humor, and more. Improving the design and format paid off in the form of doubling traffic.


New features have accompanied the content expansion, things like up and down voting – which allows LockerDome to customize feeds and more accurately reflect tastes over time.


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If You Can Build a Product, Every Day You Can Make it a Little Better

Persistence pays. As Lozano says in this video (below), which every entrepreneur should do themselves the favor of watching, if you keep faith in your project you will eventually win – not always in the way you might have hoped, but with something forever tallied in the win column nonetheless.





LockerDome is catching fire much like U.S. passion for soccer during the latest World Cup. The company now boasts the support of Square co-founder Jim McKelvey. Adweek asserted that LockerDome is “in the sweet spot of the digital revolution.” Media companies are hungry to connect with the engaged audience.


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Lozano also heads GlobalHack, a non-profit organization that hosts quarterly hackathons. Look for him to help the budding St. Louis startup community continue to earn more time under the spotlights.


Visit to begin discovering content and collecting the stuff you like. And don’t forget to check out Lozano’s no-BS take on pursuing your idea.


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