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LockerApps.comLockerApps is a brand new resource where iPhone apps are listed and scrutinized. Categories to browse through include “Productivity”, “Social Networking”, “Finance” and “Health & Fitness” to name but a handful from a list that is very encompassing, and which also includes “Lifestyle” and “Entertainment”.

Each app receives a rating that goes from 1 to 5 stars, and I hope an option for visualizing the ones which have been rated the best is included in due time. Also, the site is currently missing the option to see the most recent apps grouped together.

iPhones are useful by definition. Apps are the constituting part of that definition. It is good to have resources such as this one available, letting you know which apps cut the mustard from the ones that are no good. And it is also practical to know which apps will really appertain to you – some apps are truly excellent but are thematically irrelevant to a lot of users. If you want to figure out which is which, a repository like LockerApps will play the part excellently. In Their Own Words

“iPhone Apps Reviewed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to have a better insight into the apps which see release, this will do the trick as reviews include the app price, size, version, pros and cons, and sometimes even a video demoing the app.

Some Questions About

How many apps are already featured? At which rate are new ones added?