How Localization Improves Conversion Rates

In today’s world, where everything is connected, we are all a part of one large global community. However, on a daily level, people use their own language for communication and buy things with local currency. So, if you offer a sales opportunity that doesn’t match their language or culture, you’ll have less success in selling. That is why localization is important.

Localization marketing adapts your website or software for users who don’t speak your language or understand your culture. This makes it more accessible. 

Keep in mind that you need to have a solid website or software localization strategy in place before you begin the process. And, if you want to learn why localization is important for conversion rates, keep reading.

User Experience

user experience

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Customers are more eager to buy something when the website is in their language. People are used to a familiar environment, and 72% of them will make a purchase when they feel comfortable.

User experience is the key to your potential customer’s happiness. If people feel happy and appreciated, they leave good feedback and return to buy more from your brand. 

When you use culturally suitable visuals and an appropriate technology that doesn’t offend the local target market in any way, your user experience gets better, and you can manage that with localization marketing.

If your website is easy to navigate, sales engagement is higher. However, if you cannot fix the user experience by yourself, you can look for a conversion rate optimization agency. CRO experts will help you convert visitors to buyers in less time and more successfully than you would do on your own.

Expand Your Target Market

If your website or software is in just one language (English, for example), it means you are ignoring all those that don’t speak the language. Because of that, you could shut yourself out of a large crowd of potential customers who are in a different language area by neglecting them unintentionally. 

Since technology is becoming more and more advanced, it’s a shame not to use it for your benefit. You can expand your target market to people all around the world by using a multilingual marketing strategy, and that means that you will be available to every potential customer at any time. 

Localization marketing is going to help you expand your target market, which will result in increased brand awareness. In addition, more potential buyers will get you greater sales engagement. Present your business by using localization translation and show your product value to a different culture so you can stand out from the competitors.

When people learn about your brand and the problem that it solves, they will be interested. You will improve your customer experience and potential customers will become loyal ones. You need to give them a reason to choose you over a local business. Any cultural difference or language that is not natural to them could drive them away. 

Decrease the Bounce Rate

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When people are looking for your website and become curious about what they see, they don’t click away. That is how you decrease your bounce rate, which is shown to be a great sign for your business. 

However, if people click on your site and see a language they don’t speak, they will leave immediately. This makes your bounce rate higher and your ranking on Google search lower. So, it makes it harder for people to find you on search engines.

With localization marketing, users’ time spent on your website will increase, and if your content is compelling to them and written in a familiar language, they will navigate it effortlessly. Friendly and problem-solving content is what makes people interested.

With proper language localization, you avoid the issue of a high bounce rate. Your customers will read your content naturally as if someone local has written it, and they will continue to search your website, clicking on links and buying products. 

A call-to-action button has to be adaptable to their language to make it easy for them to purchase the thing that they need without any complication. This is how you get loyal international customers. 

Outperform Competition

Many businesses are already turning to global markets, and it is time for you to catch up. By doing research, you can find out if their content is of high quality, whether the translations are good enough, and what they are lacking.

By finding out their weaknesses, you can optimize your website better. Also, you can adjust every part of it to match your customers’ expectations. Complete optimization will always be more compelling and efficient than just plain translations. 

You need to meet all the cultural standards to increase your brand loyalty, and this will result in increasing your sales and setting yourself apart from the competition.


Your customers are the ones that make your business grow. If they trust your website and are happy with the online experience provided, it will show in the sales growth. Your job is to make them comfortable, and localization marketing helps you to do that.

Remember to always explain every product clearly, and promote it in the customers’ preferred languages. Currency should be changed to meet their needs as well. 

Localization is more than just simply translating. Using a good strategy will improve your company’s reputation and acquire customers from all over the globe.