Local RankWatch Makes Sure Your SMB Is Discoverable

Today’s Killer Startup: Local RankWatch


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Elevator Pitch:

Local RankWatch helps small businesses increase visibility and organic traffic by helping them rank higher in Google Local.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

While startup founders usually have some idea about how to increase visibility for their companies (although, let’s be real: not always), brick and mortar business owners are often at more of a loss. The need for online visibility and good ranking in Google is such a new phenomenon that plenty of small and medium sized businesses get left in the dust due to their lack of knowledge around the subject.


RankWatch founder Sahil Kakkar was a digital marketer for over 10 years, so he definitely knows how and why Google rankings are important for any kind of business. Eighteen months ago he launched RankWatch but quickly discovered that not everyone was as knowledgeable and techie as he was. In true startup founder fashion, Sahil and his team took that observation and turned it into a product.


The result is Local RankWatch, which is aimed specifically at small business owners who want to rank better on Google Local results. Users can tell the software what keywords they want to rank for and it will go in and scan your site, your competitor’s sites, and find the data about what they need to rank better on Google.


Local RankWatch then gives users  non-techie types, remember step by step instructions on how to improve their ranking. The service is available in any country or region for anyone who wants to see a boost in their company’s rankings.


Google is the number one search engine online and it’s increasingly the first resource that people turn to when they’re looking for a new service, whether that’s a local plumber or a new place to go out to eat. Local RankWatch is a great way to make sure that your business doesn’t get lost on the second page of those Google local results.



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