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Find Out All You Want To Know About Local Business On RateLocal

Yelp for restaurant reviews, TripAdvisor for hotels, Angie’s List for dry cleaners…. Where do you turn when you want info on a local business? In circles, that’s where.


RateLocal aims to be the go-to destination for finding the best of any type of local business. The website works as a business directory and as a source for both local business reviews and ratings.


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Consumers win because they have one website to turn to in order to learn more about the best of many kinds of services. Top down ratings make it easy to spot the best of each kind of business. It’s worth mentioning here that there aren’t any paid reviews cluttering up the pages, so the view of the top dogs isn’t skewed.


Another mess that impairs other review sites that RateLocal sidesteps is the crazy stuff that people write. RateLocal actually goes to the trouble of monitoring and checking up on what people say, then removing spam and insane content. This spares guests from misleading information and other shenanigans such as fake reviews. In essence, visitors gain a true sense of others’ experiences with businesses in the form of honest, intelligible opinions.


Local businesses will delight to hear that listing with RateLocal is free of charge. Can’t beat that kind of exposure, right? Here’s a brief inventory taken from the website of some of the benefits of listing on the platform:

  • A free, in-depth showcase for your products and services.
  • A backlink to your website that helps increase referral traffic and internet authority of your site.
  • Company logo or shop window image of your business.
  • A detailed description of your business services.
  • Your business address and Google map of your business location.
  • Cross promotion of your social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • The ability to upload up to 6 x photos and 1 x video to help promote your business.
  • An internal messaging system that allows prospective clients to contact you about your services.
  • An optimized web page that incorporates rich snippets helping to increase click throughs to your page.
  • An increased chance of attracting more visitors and appearing in keyword searches.


Customers also win when businesses don’t pay to join the list. Why? There’s no preferential placement or other perks that distort the quality of a services. So, ratings are unbiased, which means they’re reliable. RateLocal is clearly earnest about becoming a trusted source of information.


Great visibility for businesses, easy to search and believe listings/reviews for consumers – call this a great start for RateLocal. The website currently showcase UK businesses. To find recently listed businesses, catch the latest reviews, search by popular categories or locations, orrrrr to get the skinny on any local business, check out


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